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Beautiful Miniature Skirts for your small trees!

Patterns: Lionel Trains, Fire Engine, Golf, Ornaments,

Cats, Dogs, Nutcrackers, Santa, Horses, Sailboats, Nativity

Welcome to "Christmas Tree Skirts By Patricia"

Each tree skirt is lovingly hand-crafted by one person -
Me! - Patricia!

These skirts have been displayed at many craft shows, including the National Christmas Show in Washington D.C., Holiday Tree Festivals and PBS Fundraisers. Many people have ordered them for Christmas presents, birthday presents and shower gifts. They have been shipped throughout the U.S.

Because of space, many of the available patterns cannot be displayed. If you have a particular request, please contact me with a description of the color and pattern, and I will let you know if it is available. Click on any photo to enlarge it, then click BACK to return to the page. Thank you for visiting my web site.

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